Meteorite Program July 10

The Hermiston Public Library is pleased to announce that a special program about meteorites that will be held Thursday, July 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the downstairs Lanham Room.  The program is free, open to persons of all ages, and will be presented by the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory of Portland State University.  

Our speaker, Richard Pugh, a renowned meteorite scientist who travels worldwide to search for and research these rocks from space, will present a lively program that includes a PowerPoint presentation and a question and answer period.
For this presentation Pugh said he will bring $10,000 worth of meteorites with him and he encourages those attending to pick up and handle the meteorites.   According to scientists, in eastern Oregon there is likely at least one undiscovered meteorite lying on the earth’s surface within every half square mile. “The eastside of the state is most intriguing to scientists. We know that there are meteorites out there and that it’s just a matter of time until they are found,” Pugh said.

He asks that anyone with a rock that he or she thinks may be a meteorite to please bring it to the local library event for identification.  Most meteorites are heavy, magnetic, and irregular in shape, often with indentations that resemble thumbprints. They often appear rusty with a thin black or brown burned coating from being hurled through space.

This program is sponsored by the nonprofit Libraries of Eastern Oregon (LEO) in partnership with local libraries and the Friends of the Hermiston Public Library.  Any comments or questions should be addressed to the library staff at 541-567-2882.