OMSI’s “Magic Planet” returning to Hermiston Public Library

A colorful, 3-foot globe with bright, spinning displays and video films about Earth projected onto its inside surface will be on loan from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) to the Hermiston Public Library throughout the month of March.

The “Magic Planet” sphere is one component of a three-piece NASA-designed exhibit called "Earth From Space."

The Magic Planet sits on top of a projector and is connected to a laptop programmed by NASA to show dozens of moving images and programs as our planet lights up and spins.

Library patrons of all ages can use push-buttons to have the "Magic Planet" show any of dozens of brilliantly-colored displays such as Earth’s city lights, climate change, tsunamis, wind streams, ocean currents, geographic and topographic features, and much more - including 7-minute videos about Earth that are projected onto the globe’s surface.

“The 'Magic Planet' is amazing. It captivates the senses. The one we’re bringing out to eastern Oregon is a smaller version of the huge 'Science on a Sphere' exhibit we have here at the museum in Portland,” said Nate  Lesiuk, program developer for OMSI’s "Earth From Space" program.

“People are fascinated by it. Here at the museum we call it ‘eye candy’.”

The "Magic Planet" is brought to public libraries in the  region through a NASA grant provided to OMSI in partnership with Libraries of Eastern Oregon (LEO).

For further information, contact Nate Lesiuk, Program Developer, OMSI "Earth from Space" program or Hermiston Library Director Marie Baldo at 541-567-2882. To learn more about OMSI and its NASA exhibits, please see