A. General:

 i. All borrowers must have a valid Hermiston Public Library (HPL) card or a Sage Library System (SLS) card to have HPL borrowing privileges.

 ii. Residents of Hermiston and its service area (zip code 97838) are eligible for a free library card.  HPL cards require a positive identification and proof of residence or property ownership.

 iii. All new patrons are on probation for 30 days, and may only check out 2 HPL items at a time. When the probationary period is complete, and the card has no unpaid fines or overdue materials, the patron may check out materials under the normal library loan rules.

 iv. Non-resident/Fee Cards:

 a) Non-Resident:  If you do not live in the HPL service area, or do not have acceptable identification, you may purchase a library card for $35.00 for one year.  This card is also subject to the same probation period and rules as a regular card.

 b) Temporary:  If you live in the area and plan to secure acceptable identification soon, you may purchase a library card for $8.75 for three months.  Temporary cards are limited to two HPL items checked out on the card at a time.

 B. Registration

 i. Application:

 a) All patrons must maintain a current and complete application form to keep their library card in good standing.  The current library card application is found as appendix A, which is updated as deemed appropriate by the Library Board of Trustees.

 b) Borrowers may only have one SLS public library card. 

 c) Positive identification, a photo ID, and proof of residence is required to obtain a Hermiston Library Card.  Examples of forms or combinations of identification that will be accepted by HPL are:  

Current Positive Identification:

  • Oregon driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Oregon state identification card
  • Active Duty US military identification card
  • Out of State driver’s license
  • Resident alien card

AND, as Proof of Residence, a recent:

  • Voter registration card or other government mailing.
  • Utility bill or bank statement sent to you at your address.
  • Rent receipt at your current address made out to you.

 d) Applicants under 18 years of age require a parent or guardian give their consent by signing the application form before a card can be issued.   Parents or guardians must present required identification as listed above. The parent or guardian is legally responsible for all materials checked out on a minor’s card.  Parents or guardians may request to invalidate the card.  

 e) Patron change of addresses and/or telephone numbers should be reported to the library in a timely fashion to prevent unnecessary confusion or additional fines or fees on library owned materials. Correspondence returned to the library by the US Postal Service will result in suspension of borrowing privileges until the information is updated.

 ii. Lost or forgotten cards. In the event a library card is lost or stolen notify the library as soon as possible. The replacement of a card requires positive ID as listed above. Minors requiring a replacement card must present a state or student identification card or be accompanied with a parent or guardian in possession of recognized identification.  Cost to replace a library card is $2.00.


 A. Loan Periods: Loans Periods are defined in appendix A

 B. Renewals:  Items may be renewed when materials have not been requested by other patrons.  Materials with holds on them may not be renewed.  The number of renewals is defined in Appendix A

 C. Loan Limitations: Cardholders must present their card to check out items.  These limitations are listed in Appendix A.

 D. Material Returns:  SLS items may be returned to any Sage library without penalty.

 E. Holds and Inter-library Loans:   Patrons may place up to 9 holds or inter-library loans or combination of the two at any one time.  Probationary and Temporary cards holders may not use inter-library loan service.

 i. Holds.  Patrons may place holds for items available at the Hermiston Public Library. Materials will be held for 7 days after notification.  Items not checked out during that time will be returned to the shelves for circulation.  

 ii. Inter-library Loans.

 a) SLS Materials:  Patrons may place Inter-library Loans requests for items located in SLS member libraries.  Patrons will be notified of the items arrival. Materials will be held for 7 days after notification. Items not checked out at that time will be returned to the owning libraries.  Due to the high costs associated with the processing and shipping of these materials, at both the owning and requesting libraries, patrons who fail to pick up materials requested will be assessed a fee of $5.00 following one warning.  ILL borrowing privileges will be blocked until payment is made.

 b) Materials requested from outside of the SLS:  

  • Materials requested outside of the SLS require a non-refundable searching fee of $3.00 per item. This charge is payable at the time of the request and is due regardless of the loan success.  
  • In some cases additional charges may be required by the lending libraries. Patrons will be notified of these charges and given an opportunity to refuse the loan.
  • Inter-library loan items may be renewed only as permitted by the lending library.
  • Patrons are required to return inter-library loan items requested through HPL, to HPL.


 A. Fines:  The fines for overdue library materials are listed in Appendix A:

 i. Overdue Notices: A first notice is emailed or mailed approximately 7 days after the item is due.  A second notice is emailed or mailed 14 days after the item is due.   A final notice is mailed 21 days after the item is due.

 ii. Failure to return items may result in activation of the HPL Debt Collection Policy.

 iii. Patrons who have overdue fines of $5.00 or more at any combination of Sage libraries, or any outstanding bills for lost material, will be denied borrowing privileges at HPL.

 B. Damaged materials:  If materials are damaged and are judged by the library as being unsuitable for the collection, the patron must pay the replacement cost.  The charge for a lost or non-repairable item will be the current price plus a processing fee.  A notice of the charges will be sent to the borrower.  Library privileges will be suspended until payment is made.

 C. Other Fees and Charges:  In order to maintain our current level of service to the public, fees and charges will be assessed for lost or damaged materials, and for copying and printing costs defined in Appendix A.

(Approved April 26, 2017)