Patron Behavior

1. The HERMISTON PUBLIC LIBRARY (HPL) welcomes every member of the community to use and enjoy the library’s facilities and services.  To protect each individual’s access to information and library services, the following rules are established. These rules are for the protection of all who use the library. 

(a) Ask for help when you need it.

(b) Let us know if the library does not have the item or service you want.

(c) Wear appropriate clothing, including shoes and shirts.

(d) Keep beverages in covered containers.

(e) Ensure that children under the age of 10 are supervised by an adult.

(f) Be courteous to other patrons and staff.

(g) Do not be disruptive, disorderly, harass other patrons, or staff.

(h) Keep your conversations and personal devices at a volume that does not disturb others. Please use headsets or headphones with your personal electronic devices.

(i) Do not bring animals into the building, other than service animals.

(j) Do not leave your animals unattended on the property.

(k) Do not enter staff areas without specific invitation from staff.

(l) Do not destroy, deface, or abuse library property or remove it without permission.

(m) Do not chew, smoke or vape tobacco.

(n) Do not sleep, loiter, bath, or launder clothing.

(o) Do not distribute materials or display signs anywhere except in designated areas.

(p) Do not solicit or advocate for any purposes.

(q) Do not use skateboards, skates, roller blades, or bicycles.

(r) Do not bring items into or around the library which create an obstacle to entry, movement inside or takes up seating in the library.

(s) Do not bring food or beverages in the computer areas, unless permitted as part of library programming.

(t) Do not consume alcohol, or be intoxicated.

(u) Do not disturb other library patrons or staff through extremely strong odor or personal hygiene.

(v) Do not run. 

(w) Do not litter.

(x) No open flames. 

2. If you observe inappropriate behavior please inform HPL staff.

3. Should the security gates alarm sound, please go to the checkout desk to verify that all library materials are properly checked out.

4. At closing time please leave the building promptly.

5. In addition to the above, any violation of local, state, or federal statutes will be regarded as a violation of library rules. 

6. HPL staff are authorized to remove and exclude individuals who violate the library behavior policy.  The Library Director is authorized to determine what constitutes a violation of this policy.  In the absence of the Library Director the senior staff member present at the time of the incident has that authority.

7. Failure to comply with the behavior policy as requested by HPL Staff will begin the following process.

(a) Offender/s will be instructed to leave for the remainder of that day. 

(b) If the offender/s refuse to leave, the police will be called to remove the individual or group, and the offenders will not be permitted access to the library for a period of up to 2 weeks as determined by HPL staff.  

(c) Staff will complete an incident report each time a patron is removed from the library.

Repeat offenders, those ejected on three separate occasions within a 6 month period, may be excluded from the library for up to 1 year by the Library Director.  

8. Administrative Review:  

(a) Patrons may submit a written request for an administrative review of an exclusion order, which has at least 4 weeks remaining in effect.  A request for review of the exclusion must be made, in writing, to:

Hermiston City Manager, City of Hermiston, 180 NE 2nd Avenue, Hermiston, Oregon 97838

(b) Requests for review may attach documentation they want considered in the review. The patron, or in the case of a minor child, the parents or guardian, will be notified by the City Manager or his designee of the results of the review. The suspension order remains in effect pending administrative reviews.

(Approved: March 28, 2018)