Fines and Fees

Fines and Fees

A. Overdue Materials

Materials that are not returned by the date due accrue fines as defined in Appendix A of the Borrower Policy.  Borrowing privileges for a patron with fines of $5.00 or more will be suspended until the amount due is less than $5.00. In the case of fines owed by a minor, borrowing privileges for the parent or guardian who accepted responsibility for the child's library use by signing his or her application card, and for all other cards issued on that adult's signature, will be suspended. 

B. Damaged Materials

All returned materials are inspected for damages.  Damages beyond fair wear and tear may be repaired and applicable fees are charged to the patrons account.  The determination of fair wear and tear, or damage and associated charges is the responsibility of library staff and are reviewed by the Director.

I. Repairable Damage to items

Books and other loaned materials returned with chargeable damages will be assessed a repair fee of $20.00 an/hour (minimum charge of 15 minutes or $5.00), for a maximum of two hours.  This fee covers the cost of staff time and repair materials.  Books requiring repair that exceeds two hours or the current retail cost of the item will be considered not salvageable and replacement costs will be charged. Staff will annotate all repaired items with a short statement as to damage repaired and date.

II. Damage to Labels, bar codes and book pockets:

$1.00 to replace each damaged or missing label, item bar code, or book pocket from a library item. 

III. Videos/Audio material damage fees:

Replace Damaged Cover: Replacement costs are $5.00 per cover.

IV. Missing CD/media parts of a set. 
If replaceable, the patron is charged for the replacement cost of the lost or damaged individual parts.  When parts cannot be purchased individually the patron is charged a replacement cost for the entire set.

C. Printing and Copying Fees

I. Self-service public printer/copier cost is $ .20 per page for black and white. 

II. Self-service public printer/copier cost is $1.00 per page for color. 

D. Reference & Research Services

Reference service differs from research. We will provide quick searches (20 minutes or less) of resources on hand for short answers at no charge. An example is a request such as, "Who was x building named after?" Normal duplication fees will apply if copies are requested.   Multiple reference requests, with cumulative time, exceeding the normal 20 minutes reference time limit, will be categorized under the research services fee.

I. Research Services Fees

A fee is charged for research requests involve more time-consuming searches for unspecified material about a particular subject. All research requests are charged $20.00 per hour (one hour minimum) and a maximum of two hours ($40.00). Additional costs may include but are not limited to: photocopying, image reproduction, scanning, and mailing.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for the completion of research requests.

II. Obituaries may be requested from the library’s collection of the Hermiston Herald.  Each request is $7.50, this covers the costs of time, printing and mailing. The name and date for each obituary requested must be included.  Payment is required at the time of the request and is not refundable.

III. If more in-depth research is desired you will be directed to larger regional libraries.

E. Returned Check Charge

Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged the cost as established by the City of Hermiston. 

F. Additional Fines and Fees

may be defined in other policy established by the Library Board.  These include but are not limited to the Borrower Policy and the Lanham room use Policy. 

(Approved November 29, 2017)