Fines and Fees

Table of Contents

  • Fines and Charges
    • Library Card Fees
    • Overdue Fines
    • Fines Threshold
    • Reserved Material Not Picked Up
    • Returned Check Charge
    • Lost or Damaged Materials
  • Enhanced Service Fees
    • Printing and Copying Fees
    • Interlibrary Loan Service
    • Rental of Library Facilities
    • Reference Services and Fees
    • Custom Research
  • Collection Agency

Fines and Charges:

Library Card Fees

  • Umatilla County Residents and Military Families with Military I.D. and Orders:
    • Initial card: FREE!
    • Replacement card $2.00.
  • Non-Resident: Valid for 1 year
    • New $35.00
    • Replacement card $2.00.
  • Temporary Card:
    • Same as nonresident fee, but may be prorated for a period of 3 or 6 months; $8.75 per quarter.
    • Replacement card $2.00.

Overdue Fines

21-day loan for all materials except videocassettes, magazines, equipment, and other special collections.

Books, periodicals and audio materials:

  • Overdue book fine: $0.20 per item per day.
  • Maximum fine per item: $5.00

21-day loan materials

Videos, Periodicals, and other materials:

  • Overdue video fine: $0.20 per video per day.
  • Maximum fine per video: $5.00

Fines Threshold

The fines threshold is $5.00. Borrowing privileges for a patron with an outstanding balance of $5.00 or more will be suspended until the amount due has been paid. In the case of fines owed by a minor, borrowing privileges for the parent or guardian who accepted responsibility for the child's library use by signing his or her application card, and for any and all other cards issued on that adult's signature, will be suspended.

Interlibrary Loan Material

  • After one warning, there is a $5.00 per item charge for all unclaimed interlibrary loans if not picked up within7 days after notification, excluding holds on a library’s own materials.
  • The owning library for damaged and lost materials borrowed from within the Sage Library System will assess fees.

Returned Check Charge

Per City of Hermiston policy the service fee for a returned check is $25.00.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Upon return to the library, materials are inspected for damages. Items determined to have sustained damages above fair wear and tear are removed from the catalog, assessed, and fines (if applicable) are levied against the patrons account. The determination of fair wear and tear and damage cost is the prerogative of knowledgeable library staff.

Repairable Damage to items

Books and other loaned materials returned with damage judged to be above fair wear and tear will be removed from the collection and placed in repair status. Responsible patrons will be assessed a repair fee of $15.00 an/hour (minimum $5.00), for a maximum of two hours. This fee covers the cost of manpower and repair materials. Books requiring repair that exceeds two hours or the current retail cost of the item will be considered unsalvageable and replacement costs will be charged to the responsible patron. Staff will annotate all repaired items with a short statement as to damage repaired and date.

Books that are returned with a strong cigarette smoke odor will be temporarily removed from the collection until an economically feasible amount of books can be given an ozone chamber treatment. Patrons, who have exposed books to cigarette smoke, making them undesirable for check out to non-smoking patrons, will be charged a remediation fee of $1.50 per book. This fee will be applied to the cost of ozone treatment.

A $5.00 non-refundable processing fee is charged for all lost, damaged, and not returned material. The library will not accept books purchased by customers to replace damaged items. Fee covers processing costs to prepare the item for return to the collection.

Damage to Labels, barcodes and book pockets:

    • A charge of $1.00 per label will be assessed for every disfigured or removed label from a library item.
    • Replace Barcode: Patrons who return audio/video materials with removed or damaged barcodes will be charged a $1.00 replacement fee.
    • A $1.00 fee will be assessed for damaged or missing book pockets.

Videos/Audio material damage fees:

    • Replace Damaged Cover: Replacement costs are $5.00 per cover.
    • Missing CD/tapes. If replaceable, the patron is charged for the replacement cost of the lost or damaged individual CD/Tape. When tapes or discs cannot be purchased individually the patron is charged a replacement cost for the entire set.

Lost and Non-returnable Damage items

Patrons are charged a non-refundable fee that includes the cost of replacing the damaged or lost item and a $5.00 processing fee necessary to prepare an item for circulation in the collection. Materials, once paid for cannot be located and returned for refund.

Enhanced Service Fees:

Printing and Copying Fees

  • Self-Service Photocopiers:
    Self-service public copier cost is $ .20 per page.
  • Printing from Library Computers:
    Customers may print from the library public access computers at the cost of $.20 per page for B&W and $1.00 per page for color. Print jobs must be paid for at the circulation desk prior to the job being released to the printer.

Interlibrary Loan Service

  • Customers may request books and other material from a Sage Library System library at no cost. After one warning, a $5.00 fee will be accessed against the patron’s account for requested materials that have not been picked up within seven days of notification
  • Customers requesting materials from a non-Sage Library System Library will be charged $3.00, plus shipping if applicable, per request. This cost is payable at the time of the request, and is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the request

Rental of Library Facilities

The revised 2005 Lanham Room rental policy covers costs associated with the rental of the downstairs room and kitchen. Ask for a copy of the policy to determine rental costs for an event and other details.

Reference Services and Fees

Reference service differs from research. We will provide quick searches (20 minutes or less) of printed materials for short answers at no charge. An example is a request such as, "Who was x building named after?" Normal duplication fees will apply if copies are requested.

Custom Research Services and Fees

Research requests involve more time-consuming searches for unspecified material about a particular subject that may be located in one or more collections. Multiple reference requests, with cumulative time, exceeding the normal 20 minutes reference time limit, will be categorized under the custom research fee schedule. Obituary requests are also considered research requests. All research requests will cost $15.00 per hour (minimum of $15.00) for a maximum of two hours ($30.00). If more in-depth research is required, we will provide the requestor with a list of independent researchers. For obituary requests, there is a limit of 5 obituaries per request, and patrons must supply the names and date for each. The $15.00 fee is in addition to the cost of any photocopying above 10 pages, image reproduction, scanning, use, or mailing. If nothing is found, only one hour's charge will be assessed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the completion of research requests.

Collection Agency

Individual Library accounts and families with combined fees which are $25.00 or more in arrears and are more than 60 days past due will be assessed a $10 delinquency fee and will be turned over to a collection agency for collection. Accounts with less than $25.00 in charges and more than 60 days past due will be assessed a $10 delinquency fee and turned over to collections if charges are for lost materials. Once the account is turned over for Collection the library considers the borrowed materials as purchased by the customer and billed not paid. Materials dropped at the library by patrons in collection will be considered as donations and handled accordingly.

Approved December 1, 2010
Effective January 1, 2011