Lanham Meeting Room - Rental Conditions

Applicant agrees to abide by the following policies, procedures, rules, and regulations governing use of the Hermiston Public Library building and grounds as set forth herein and adopted by the City Library Board and the City Council.

  1. Library facilities are available for private use, non-profit, government, educational, professional, or informational programs. No commercial use of the facility is allowed.
  2. Sound amplification, which exceeds levels established in city ordinances, is not permitted.
  3. Applicant is responsible for setting up and taking down chairs, tables, and other furnishings. Meeting room or other area used must be left in the same condition in which it was found.
  4. Fees and deposits must be paid in advance. The room will not be scheduled until the library representative has accepted fees and a signed contract.
  5. Use of library facilities shall not interfere with normal library activities.
  6. Criminal activity is prohibited in the library or on the library grounds.
  7. Provision of security officers or police may be required if the library reasonably anticipates a need for crowd control. Applicant must pre-pay any costs associated with security services.
  8. Weapons, or personal items which may be used as weapons, are prohibited in the Library.
  9. Pamphlets and other printed or audiovisual materials may be distributed only within the room scheduled by the applicant, not in any other parts of the library building or grounds.
  10. No fundraising, sales, or solicitation is permitted in the library building, or on library grounds, unless sponsored by the library, with any proceeds going to the library.
  11. No advertising or display visible outside the rented room is permitted, unless specifically approved by a library representative prior to the event.
  12. Alcoholic beverages may not be stored, sold, distributed, or consumed on library premises unless specifically approved by the library representative.
  13. Use of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, or smokeless tobacco products in the Library building is not permitted.
  14. Only the library itself, library-sponsored, or city-related groups, may hold regularly scheduled meetings in the library. Other individuals or organizations may only hold one- time or limited-series meetings.
  15. No activities which might reasonably be expected to result in physical damage to the building, its contents, or the grounds are permitted.
  16. No activity, which would violate federal or state laws, local ordinances, or administrative rules, is permitted.
  17. Neither the library’s name nor address may be used as the official address or headquarters of any other organization. Publicity for the event must carry the name of the organization sponsoring the event.
  18. The library will not provide equipment, services, or supplies, except for those specified at time of rental, except for the table(s) and chairs, which go with the room in question. Users must provide and operate their own audiovisual equipment. Library staff is not available to set up or take down tables and chairs or to operate audiovisual equipment.
  19. If the kitchen is used in conjunction with the meeting room only major kitchen appliances are available. The kitchen must be fully cleaned after use and no food or other items may be left behind.

When the facilities are made available under these conditions, preference will be given to library, city functions, and local non-profit organizations.

Individuals, groups, or organizations using the library are responsible for setting up and removing furniture, fixtures, signs, decorations, and other items brought in by them for use in their events. Such items may not be stored in the building or on the grounds.

A written agreement must be completed by the responsible party wishing to use the library and must be approved by the Library Director or the City Library Board or their designated representative, fourteen days in advance of the event to be held in the library.

Permission for use of library facilities may be denied or rescinded by the Library Director or Library Board at their discretion without prior notice, and without incurring any liability for damages or inconvenience incurred by the party whose proposed use is denied or rescinded.

Rooms are not normally available outside of regular library operating hours. When such use is permitted, fees and deposits will be double the amounts listed above. In addition, a key will be issued at a specific appointment time and a key deposit will be assessed. When the room is in use outside of library operating hours only the rear entrance is permitted for use.

Applications are not accepted more than three months in advance of, or less than fourteen working days prior to, the desired date of use.

Parties using the library under this policy agree to pay for cleaning or damage in excess of the deposit amounts if the Library Director or Library Board determines the cost of such cleaning or repair is attributable to the contracting party's use of the facility.

Deposit refunds will be mailed to the applicant within 30 days of room use.

This policy will be effective 1 July 2006.

Approved 16 February 2006.