Technology Access User Agreement

By using any computer in the Hermiston Public Library or connecting to the library’s wireless service you agree to the following:

Abide by the library’s Technology Access Policy.

Abide by the library’s Code of Conduct.

Not hold the Hermiston Public Library and the City of Hermiston liable for any loss or damage to your data, software, or hardware, or for any damage or injury arising from invasion of privacy in your computer accounts, programs, or files. The library assumes no responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, arising from connections to Internet services.

Not in any way damage library software or hardware, including, but not limited to: downloading or installing any software onto any library computer; saving any files on any library computer; or introducing a malicious program to a library computer or the wireless network.

Comply with system security and stay within the designated programs available on library computer desktops, start menus, or always-on programs from dedicated purpose computers.

Not use the library computers or wireless service improperly or illegally. This includes, but is not limited to, hacking or spamming.

Not misrepresent yourself on the Internet or to library staff.

Comply with all software licensing and intellectual property laws including copyrights and patents.

Failure to comply with the terms of this user agreement or the library’s Technology Access Policy may result in revocation of computer use privileges, wireless access privileges, or in loss of all library privileges, or possible legal action.

(Effective 11-6-08)